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Consigner Information
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postal code
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** click here to see dealer requirements prior to bidding **
You do NOT have to be a dealer to bid on our site. These fields are not required
Unit Information
Please provide complete and accurate information to the best of your ability
year make model
vin title brand odometer
Unit Disclosures
Failure to disclose any known issues may result in auction cancellation. After the
sale you may still be held responsible for issues that you knew about at the time
you submitted this form but failed to tell us about
Liens * Another party has a legal claim on the unit usually because of an unpaid loan
drivability issues
Please describe any issues that make the unit unable to be driven. Otherwise
put 'none' or 'na' if not applicable
engine/mechanical issues
Please describe any issues with how the unit runs or operates. Otherwise put
'none' or 'na' if not applicable
additional info
Please include any additional details that will help describe the condition of the
unit. Otherwise put 'none' or 'na' if not applicable
should be set at the absolute lowest price you would take. Experienced sellers will
tell you that if reserves are met at a low price the item sells for more. At minimum,
10% below low trade value (per NADAGUIDES.COM) is a good place to start. When looking
up book prices, most of the "selectable" add ons are included. Do not skew the value
by selecting standard options. If you're not sure where the reserve should be set,
please contact us. If selling with no reserve, please enter $0.00. Click here for more information.
Drop Off Facility
Please select the nearest CrankyApe location to bring your unit. If you prefer, we can
pickup the unit for you for an additional fee. Check the 'Pickup' checkbox for details and
pickup cost.
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